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质量体系工程师Quality System Enginer

  • 招聘人数10
  • 工作地点长沙市
  • 工资待遇面议
  • 发布日期2012-07-16
  • 有效期不限


Main Responsibilities

1. Responsible for ISO / TS 16949 quality management system to establish, run, certification and supervision of maintenance work

2. Responsible for internal audit of QMS, follow up the NC report writing/ issue and callback and validate the effective of improvement action

3. Responsible for ISO/TS certification and related follow up work, assure the accordance of QMS

4. Responsible for internal system documnent management and related quality system course training

5. Responsible for KPI collection and hold review meeting for it regularly

6. Responsible for tape daily quality work and other tasks assigned by Quality Manager

Job Requirements

-English communication, office software skill and good communication skill

-Familar with TS/ISO 16949 system and VDA 6.3

-Familiar with 5 core tools(APQP(CP), PPAP,FMEA, SPC,MSA)

-Familiar with related quality system of auto industry

-Certified auditor would be a plus



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