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设备主管 Equipment Supervisor

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Tapes production equipment and staff management

1. 制定生产设备部的短期、中期和长期人力资源计划
Make the manpower plan of production equipment in short term, mid-term and long term
2. 根据各设备性能要求制定点检、保养计划(包括内容及时间安排),制定设备校验计划并根据相关要求实施
According to the equipment performance requirements to develop inspection, maintenance plan ( including contents and time schedule ). Making and take charge of equipment calibration plan and in accordance with the relevant requirements to implement
3. 制定各设备操作作业指导书
To establish the equipment operation instructions
4. 指导、激励并培训技术员,进行日常工作协调
Lead, motivate and train the maintenance team. Coordinate the technician in their daily work
5. 对重大设备故障进行维修,如有必要,联系供应商进行指导或维修,并从中获得经验
To repair major equipment failure, if necessary, contact suppliers for guidance or repair, and to gain experience
6. 制定并不断完善设备维修报表,使报表可以进行机器类别、故障类别等的分析
To establish and continuously improve equipment repair statements, the statements can be machine type, fault type analysis. continious improvement in 5S
7. 分析设备维修报表,并对频发或重大影响的故障类别采取有效措施,彻底解决问题
Analysis equipment repair report, and the frequent or significant influence of fault type is to take effective measures, completely solve the problem
8. 建立并不断完善备件管理文件,对备件进行可追溯管理,并建立合理的安全库存
To establish and improvement of the spare parts management files, traceability management of spare parts, and to establish a reasonable safety stock
9. 对频繁更换,以及金额昂贵的备件更换,分析根本原因,彻底解决问题
For frequent replacement, as well as the amount of expensive replacement of spare parts, analyze the root cause, completely solve the problem
10. 提出设备及配套工、治具的改进方案,不断优化过程,提高质量和过程稳定性
Proposed equipment and supporting technology, tools, constantly optimize the process, improve the quality and process stability
11. 制定并监督执行设备重大停机紧急预案
To establish and supervise the implementation of major shutdown exigencies equipment project

Proficiency mechanical principles, familiar and maintenance of production equipment, such as injection molding machines, test benches, crimping machine, cutting machine. SAP/ISO16949/PLC software(Siemens) experience is prefered
Bachelor's degree or above. at least 5 years relevant work experience, more than 3 years' related maintenance supervisor experience in production management. experience in the automotive industry priority
Fluent English both in oral and written. advanced skills in Microsoft Office 5S standards. office software applications skilled

职能类别:设备主管 工程/设备主管

关键字:设备主管 生产 工程 设备经理


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